Principles of Excellence

The dental professionals at Willoughby Dental Centre in Langley BC are committed to excellence in practice, professional development and accessibility.

We sustain our high standard of care by adhering to the guiding values of our Principles of Excellence:

  • Commitment to excellence in our standard of care
    We commit to providing the highest standard of quality in our dental work. Dental functionality is essential to the overall health of individuals. Our patients’ lasting health is the end goal for any treatment we provide.
  • Excellence in openness, transparency and respect
    The best outcomes are achieved when patients are completely knowledgeable of their condition and the treatment options available to them. We respect our patients’ time and intelligence by anticipating questions and giving clear explanations about treatment choices.
  • Excellence in continual professional development and improvement
    We constantly develop our knowledge and abilities in order to be able to offer the most appropriate treatment for any situation.
  • Excellence in access
    Our clients lead busy lives. We remain accommodating to help them include important dental care into their schedule.
  • Excellence in technology
    We are constantly upgrading the equipment in our modern practice to meet the needs of our changing clientele. Whether we are using Digital X-Rays for sophisticated diagnostic and patient history tracking, or Laser Dentistry to minimize pain and healing time, we are committed to being a modern and progressive practice.

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