Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re self-conscious about your smile, chances are you’re denying yourself one of life’s greatest pleasures. Why hide behind discoloured, damaged, or crooked teeth? Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. With the recent advances in cosmetic dentistry, there is no need to settle for anything else.

Willoughby Dental Centre is proud to offer our patients a range of solutions to improve the appearance of their smile:

Clearline Invisible Braces

Clearline is a Canadian company providing invisible clear aligners that allow individuals to improve their smile conveniently and comfortably without the use of fixed metal wires and brackets.

The Clearline tooth alignment system uses a series of individually customized computer-designed clear plastic aligners with rounded edges that gradually and precisely move your teeth to their ideal positions.

Clearline is a terrific alternative to traditional metal braces.


Bonding a porcelain veneer to an imperfect tooth can change its look completely.

Veneers are a less invasive alternative to crowns because they require only a thin layer of the tooth to be removed and can be fitted with little or no freezing. Strong, durable, and stain-resistant, these thin porcelain shells are an instant cure for teeth that are oddly shaped, chipped, pitted, discoloured, crooked, or improperly sized or spaced.

Custom made to the exact size, shape, and colour you want, veneers can be used on one or more visible teeth to create a perfect, radiant smile – all in just a few appointments.

Teeth Whitening

Over time teeth can become stained and darkened from age, coffee, tea, or smoking – but you don’t have to live with it!

Professional teeth whitening is a subtle and effective process for restoring a youthful and vigorous appearance.

We offer Opalescence Teeth Whitening,  as well as professional Take-Home whitening kits that will whiten teeth up to 6 shades over several days of use.

Ask us about whitening at your next hygiene appointment!

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