Whether you’re in a business meeting or a lunch date, halitosis or bad breath can ruin your whole day and your fabulous first impression. However, with these tips from your Langley dentist at Willoughby Dental Centre, you can quickly fix your bad breath and get back to business – social or professional.

Reach for the Lemon Water

Dry mouth is often the cause of bad breath so keep your mouth moist and hydrated to avoid bad breath altogether. Washing down bacteria with lemon juice and water can help minimize bad breath and get you smiling again.

Chew on This

Sugar-free gum offers almost instant relief from bad breath. If you’re not a fan of chewing, you can opt for breath strips or mints instead. For a completely natural remedy to bad breath, order a dish that’s garnished with ginger, basil, mint or parsley.

Always Be Prepared

Carry a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste in your purse or bag for optimal oral hygiene on the go. Mouthwash or baking soda are also ideal for quick breath fixes and should eliminate bad breath altogether.

A word of caution from your dentist. Bad breath may be caused by poor oral hygiene or oral infections. If your bad breath is persistent and not caused by anything you ordered at lunch, schedule an appointment at Willoughby Dental, your Langley dentist, and we’ll help you keep your breath fresh so that you can focus on the important things, like getting a new client or a second date.