Here at Willoughby Dental, we understand that our Langley dental patients may suffer from dental anxiety and therefore can be extremely reluctant to contact us and book an appointment at our Langley dental clinic. Research has identified the Top 3 anxiety-causing reasons about dental visits – and here’s what we’re doing to make every visit to Willoughby Dental, your Langley dentist, something to look forward to


Fear of pain is completely natural and the oral health care experts at Willoughby Dental, your Langley dentist, understand that anxiety associated with needles and the idea of pain/discomfort in the mouth can convince patients they’re better off suffering from oral health care issues than coming to the dentist. However, we want to set the record straight. Most dental procedures are currently pain-free. If you require sedation and dislike needles, we’ll offer you alternative options.


90% of patients in one recent study reported that embarrassment is the no. 1 reason why they don’t visit the dentist. If you’re worried that you’ve neglected your teeth and your oral health care, come in for an appointment and learn about your oral health care options at Willoughby Dental. We’re here to help and we promise we won’t lecture you! After all, we’re your oral health care partner and your oral health is just as important to us as it is to you.


If you don’t like feeling like you have no control over what happens in the dentist chair, come to Willoughby Dental, your Langley dentist, for a dental experience like no other. We promise to do our best to communicate with you, both online and offline. We’ll work out a system that allows you to alert us to any trouble or discomfort during a procedure.

At Willoughby Dental, our goal is to give you the best dental experience possible. Contact us today and find out why we should be your Langley choice for oral health care. Request an appointment today!